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At The Vivekananda School, our key focus is to empower young people for a life of learning both satisfying to themselves and of significant value to others. We believe in constant change and keeping up with the capricious trends around the world therefore our teaching methodology is ever-evolving. We understand that a school is a child’s second home which is why we take special care of providing them with the same love and security.

Why Us

The Vivekananda School is a different kind of school. It is different because it is absolutely focused on developing your child so that when they leave us they are ready for the world and able to create happy, successful and productive lives for themselves. In order for this 

to happen, young people need three things from their schooling- Knowledge, Skills and a Sense of Confidence about themselves. Many schools focus on servicing only the first need. At The Vivekananda School we provide a holistic educational experience which provides all three.

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