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Early Year Curriculum 

The Early Years Curriculum at The Vivekananda School is meticulously crafted with a focus on nurturing various aspects of a child's development. The curriculum is designed to cultivate effective communication skills (Language) while promoting a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy. It places significant emphasis on fostering personal, social, and emotional growth, enabling children to navigate their feelings and relationships adeptly. The curriculum also actively supports physical development, recognizing the importance of a healthy body in tandem with a sound mind. Through the lens of "Understanding the World," students are encouraged to explore their environment and develop a global perspective. The curriculum's emphasis on creativity and imagination stimulates innovative thinking, while providing a well-rounded educational journey that prepares young minds for a dynamic future.


The Vivekananda School, we take immense pride in being affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the pioneer in providing education that aligns with the Indian ethos while fostering global competence. Established with a commitment to nurturing young minds and empowering them with holistic education, we understand the importance of staying rooted in the mainstream education system of India and at the same time excel in the dynamic world of today and tomorrow.


Affiliated to CBSE

Affiliation No. :  532072

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21st Century Skill Based Curriculum

At The Vivekananda School Sector 69, Gurugram we believe in enabling our learners to realize their own potential to excellence and to nurture their young minds through knowledge and exposure. 
Our Curriculum incorporates current 21st century educational thinking and the most effective pedagogical practices. We firmly believe in taking our leaners out of the classroom spaces to experience the real world through varied experiments and hand-on activities. Our unique Professional Reading and Speaking Programme inculcates not only love for reading but also makes our learners stage friendly, confident, effective communicators and creative. 

 Following the guidelines of the Central Board of Secondary Education, the curriculum is further enriched by the school through an innovative and interdisciplinary approach.
The teaching methodology is based on experiential learning to enable learners to acquire a better grasp of diverse concepts.
Project-based learning, and student-centred learning environment further help learners to enhance their concept clarity. Also, the integration of technology into every subject and at all grade levels allows unprecedented levels and types of exciting collaboration and learner to learner connectivity

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