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What factors are important in 2024 when selecting a play school in Gurgaon?

Updated: Apr 1

Play School in Gurgaon

If you are looking for a nursery school near me in Gurgaon then you have landed on the right web page. in this article, we will provide you with information about what parents should look for while choosing a play school for their child. We believe it is an important decision that involves considering different factors to ensure a nurturing and suitable learning environment.

Here are some  key factors to keep in mind  when selecting a  play school in Gurgaon:

Early year education 

It refers to the educational program designed for children from birth to around eight years old. This period of child development is the foundation for a child's future, learning, health, and well-being. Educators of playschool focuses on a child-centered approach, positive relationships, language, literacy, development, culture, diversity, inclusion, holistic education, and child development.

Phonics education 

Phonics education is a teaching method of reading and writing that focuses on sound and the group of letters representing the written text. It includes phoneme awareness, letter-sound correspondence, systematic instructions, decoding, encoding, and  follow jolly phonics approach from United Kingdom .

Play School in Gurgaon

Experimental learning environment

The educators must have a hands-on approach to experimental learning, where learners actively engage in real-world experiences and activities. Through practical learning methods, your child will learn how to deal in real-life situations, collaborate with others, and take ownership of their learning process. It develops critical thinking and problem-solving and promotes active engagement and lifelong learning skills in children.

Play School in Gurgaon

Play Based Learning

Playway motors refer to a play-based learning approach. They teach your child about transportation and its mechanics through hands-on play and exploration. Your child will engage in various activities, such as playing with toy cars and trucks and assembling vehicle models. So that way, they will learn about the principles of mechanics.

Overall personality development


PD is a process that enhances your child's personal qualities and refines their behavior and skills to become a well-rounded and confident individual. It includes self-improvement and awareness to grow in various aspects of their lives. 

Playschools need to prioritize the development of recreational skills and competencies preparing children to succeed in this increasingly complex and interconnected world. Some skills in the play school involve critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, digital literacy, communication and collaboration, social and emotional intelligence, self-regulation, executive functioning, and many more.

Finally, look for a play school that can adapt to your child's pace of development. By considering these factors, you can choose the right play school for your child in Gurgaon

If you are still confused and unable to choose the right play school then talk to us, we will answer all your queries and try to resolve your doubts about choosing the right playschool.

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