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The Vivekananda School invite registrations for admission in CBSE Grade 11 with following subjects being offered across different streams:

Group A (choose any 3)- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Business studies, Economics, Accountancy, History, Political Science.

Group B (choose any 1)- Applied Mathematics, Physical Education, Psychology, Computer Science, Economics.

Group C (compulsory)- English.



Avishkaar (AI & Robotics)

Avishkaar is the category leader in robotics and STEM education providing a comprehensive platform to teach and learn 21st-century skills like Coding, Robotics, AI, IoT, 3D printing, and Drones. The company supports more than 1100 schools and 50,000 children across the globe in their journey to be future-ready.


Career point

Career Point which is an institution that is incorporated to impart quality education to students preparing for various competitive examinations will assist in preparing students for competitive exams from grade 6 onwards, laying the foundation for future success. With the sky-high ideals and commitment to excellence, now Career Point has taken a shape of vibrant, dynamic and responsible education company of the country.


Trinity college of London

Trinity College London is an esteemed International Exam Board renowned for its rigorous academic standards and supportive assessment approach. Operating in over 60 countries, Trinity certifications offer students a global perspective and outreach. Tailored to inspire learners and recognize their achievements at every competency level, Trinity exams provide substantial value in return. With comprehensive subject coverage, Trinity College London fosters holistic development in children. Our training sessions are conducted by trainers certified by Trinity College London, ensuring students are well-prepared for assessments. Additionally, we arrange visits by Trinity College London trainers to further support our students' preparation.


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Eligibility: Students seeking admission should have completed 10 years of education from a recognized school and attained the minimum percentage decided by school authorities for various streams.


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To initiate your interest in Grade 11 admissions, we encourage you to reach out to our admission counsellor at the school or visit our website to fill out the admission inquiry form. For more Information contact us at +91 7042422881

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Avail scholarship for your child in Grade 11th.

Exciting scholarship opportunity awaits your child, rewarding exceptional academic performance in the 10th standard. Generous discounts are offered on the tuition fee.

1)If your child has an overall 95% - 50% off on tuition fee

2)If your child has an overall 90% - 25% off on tuition fee

3)If your child has an overall 80% - 20% off on tuition fee

4)If your child has an overall 75% - 10% off on tuition fee

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